When it Comes to Makeup, You Need to Freshen Up.

Seriously, one of the best ways to achieve a natural look is to use a good quality, preferably however the best available inexpensive makeup brushes. Different brushes are used for different areas of the face.

It can get quite confusing, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as some try to make us believe. The use of make-up brushes gives you a more professional, even and natural look, whether you use them on your eyes, cheeks, lips or to powder on your entire face.

Here are some examples of what you should look for:

Priming brushes have become popular as mineral-based powders replace liquid primers.

It has a flat shape with long bristles and can also cause your skin to look immaculately covered when used with liquids. It is also more hygienic than using your fingers, as long as you keep the brush clean.

Two other brushes that many women use today are a Concealer brush and a contour brush. They are smaller than the primer brush. They usually consist of soft furs such as sable or squirrel and can be applied to sensitive areas such as the eye area. If you contour your cheeks, brows and chin with bronzes, you can radiate health while emphasizing your facial features.

A mixer brush is a huge bushy brush that can also be used for powder and Bronzer as well as for blush.

The idea is that the magazine looks “airbrushed” by mixing subtle shades together. When using a powder and Blender blush, make sure to knock the excess back into the glass before applying. Soft, fast Stokes provide the best effect.

Did you know that Models brush their lips?
Use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick or gloss. For a more controlled look of lip color, you should not apply your lip glosses and colors directly from the case, but with a lip brush. They are very small and angled to curve around the contours of their upper and lower lips. Small tip lip brushes can be used to apply the Lip Liner. You will use less product and there is a lower probability that it will break off in this case.

Two more tips when it comes to the best inexpensive makeup brushes:
The first is to wash them regularly in mild soapy water and let them dry in the air. This not only prevents Make-up products from accumulating, but also bacteria and mould. You want to dry them down at an angle or hang them upside down if possible. This prevents the water from gathering near the seams and dissolves the adhesive that holds the bristles in place. Never tap or rub them with a towel, as this can also affect their adhesion and ruin the bristle shape.

The other tip to save you from the shed is to buy high-quality brushes. Whether you buy animal hair brushes such as goat, Sable or squirrel or prefer synthetic brushes, you spend the money on a well-made one.

One more word on how to keep your makeup brushes in good condition. It’s worth it even if you use the best inexpensive makeup brushes that you can find. They keep their shape longer if they do not dab or prick. Instead, roll or brush with them over the makeup. You have more control over how you distribute the makeup and less lumps and dandruff.

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