Check Out 5 Inspiring Ideas to Design Your Kitchen for 2021

  • Bright colors create a great effect

Bright colors do not have to be limited to your garden. Bring the cheerful yellow of a fresh Daisy into your kitchen and be impressed by the luminous difference it creates. As you can see, the simple painting of the lower cabinets in a light shade gives this kitchen a new dynamic, especially against the gray background. If the upper cabinets have a similar shade to the walls and ceiling, the sunshine-like accent is even more accentuated and the kitchen looks much higher. This is a great technique for kitchens where not all fittings fit together well – the yellow, evenly sized cabinets distract the eye from the mismatched grey wall shelf.

  • Hidden touches for slim style

Make preparing meals virtually effortless with a style that stows all your appliances effortlessly. This kitchen design in this picture features a recessed light to ensure that your cuts are clear and your measurements accurate. The storage under the table effectively uses the space and at the same time ensures order. The deep matte Black of the cabinets and finishes, offering an elegant Background for the beautifully detailed wood grain. It would be easy to exchange accents such as towels and serving bowls for any color that suits your mood or the season. Matching appliances that are either perfectly matched to the cabinets or embedded in the wall offer a polished kitchen that every host can be proud of.

  • Minty Fresh Appeal Kitchen Design

There is a reason why mint green appears frequently in fashion lately. This beautiful pastel is fresh, funny and flattering. This particular image of the kitchen design shows a room where many shades of mint green were used for a sweet and homely feeling. A closer look shows that some simple Details enhance the overall effect, such as replacing the drawer pulls with wireless hardware and towels that match the wall art. Rent and can not paint your walls? Or do you love the look of a colored panel, but do not want to commit to such a large renovation project? There are panels that you can buy, paint in the desired color and then attach to your walls in a way that can be easily removed.

  • Black that is anything but simple

This stunning image of the kitchen design perfectly shows how a small space does not limit you to small options. While most people don’t think about using black in their kitchen, the black tile wall creates a stunning texture, while the Black counters and toenails form striking lines to best accentuate the Golden wooden drawers and doors. The asymmetrical size and placement of the drawers increases interest and functionality – do you imagine drawers that fit perfectly with this cutlery tray, or a pull-out shelf that contains these different lids? If you choose a dark Finish for the faucet and the storage shelf, the unforgettable contrast between the black base and Golden Highlights is obtained.

  • Quirky touches for a fresh Look

Sometimes the easiest way to redesign a kitchen is to think outside the box. For example, when replacing bar stools, look for comfortable bucket seats instead of the more common round stools. Replace refrigerator? A round refrigerator in Retro Look is a funny and interesting deviation from the stainless steel standards. In this charming kitchen, unusual shapes in white can still be seen, making the contrasting juicy colors of melon and Clover appear bright. Simple white floating shelves and pins on the Wall allow additional storage space without additional bulk. A crisp combination of counter and dining area makes optimal use of the space and at the same time offers a canvas for further decoration.

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