5 Effective Tips for Eye Makeup

A perfect eye makeup is extremely important to you if you want your eyes to light up when you walk out of that door. To prepare your eye makeup, you need to invest in a complete eye makeup Kit that consists of different types of colors, brushes, moisturizer, eye cream, eye shadow, eye primer, Eyeliner, cabbage pen, Mascara and other makeup products .

Step 1 – start with a primer
Eye makeup styles step by step

First clean the area around the eyes. Then apply a moisturizer or eye cream. Next, apply an eye makeup primer. You need to invest in a good primer. An ideal Eye Primer ensures that your eyeshadow stays on longer and does not smear or crease. The eye primer is indispensable for eye Make-up, as it helps to create a smooth surface for eye Make-up. Make sure your primer has dried and then apply an eyeshadow base, primer or Concealer to mask dark circles, pores and other visible blemishes. The eyeshadow base ensures that the eyeshadow adheres properly to the skin and looks better.

Step 2-Apply the colors
There are 4 basic colors that allow you to achieve an everyday natural Look. If you are a beginner, you can first download the basic eyeshadow Palette. You need a highlighter. You can also get a face marker. Make sure the highlighter has a lighter shade than your skin tone. Also get a matte mid tone, a contour tone that is 2-3 shades darker than the skin, and a matte black hue.

Step 3-get the right eye makeup brush combination
You will need a set of eye makeup brushes that are used for various functions and purposes. These brushes can contain a flat, stiff brush, a pencil brush, a stiff dome brush and a fluffy dome brush. A flat, stiff brush is used to pack the eye shadow, the fluffy dome brush for mixing and a pencil brush for fumigating the lower eyelash line. First, you need a small and a medium-sized mixing brush as well as a Smudger. Brush your eyes and then apply the highlighter to the inner corner of your eye. You also need a lighter shade to apply it with a flat brush in the inner corner of the eye. Dip the brush tip in water to moisten the brush tip. If you use water, you get more color. Slide it onto the eyeshadow and apply it again in the innermost corners of your eyes or in the tear duct area of your eyes. Then mark the arch of your eyebrows with the same color you used for the tear duct area of your eyes. Always keep your brushes clean.

Step 4 – work on your fold
Apply the eyeshadow with the middle tone and a mixing brush directly above the fold. This will help to blend your makeup from the outer corner inside. Hold your brush to the edge of your nose and move it to the edge of your eyes and remove everything below the line. Mix the outer corner of the eye and the fold on the outer half of the eye with the contour shadow and a brush. Always make sure that the middle tone is higher than the contour tone. Starting from the outer corner, apply a mixture of mid-tone and contour to the lower eyelash line until it meets the highlighter.

Step 5-in the last step, apply eye shadow, Mascara and Eyeliner
Apply the matte black eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye for a perfect look. Then curl your eyelashes to look prettier. Use a white or beige cabbage pin on the lower edge of the eye and a wipe to achieve a smoke effect. Apply Mascara and use a Mascara shield to prevent it from touching your face. Finally, apply an Eyeliner to get a better Definition. If you want a particularly dramatic Look, wear false eyelashes.

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